Everypixel is a smart image search tool with price comparison option. All search results are curated by neural networks, that evaluate the beauty of photos Everypixel is an image search tool It covers 51 free and paid stock images resources. All search results are curated by neural networks, that evaluate the beauty of photos

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Everypixel's team
Everypixel was created by a team of developers and stock photographers with over ten years of experience in the microstock business. During this time we realized that image search process is broken. It’s hard to find a rare or fashioned stock photo for several reasons.
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    Today stock image market is very complicated. There are too many stock photo agencies, and their pricing is not transparent, so it’s practically impossible to make a smart choice.
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    To find an awesome stock image you have to scroll plenty of second-rate or dated content. It happens because of a weak curation and massive amount of images that daily loaded at photo sites.
Stock image market today
Stock photography refers to licensed images that are often used for commercial purposes. On the one hand, they depict archetypal and timeless topics. On the other, they reflect realities of contemporary life. You can see stock images everywhere — on billboards on your way to work, in blogs, in your favorite magazines and book covers.
  • growing market

    growing market

    Today, hundreds of image agencies offer hundreds of millions of images that come under different licenses. The market keeps growing: new players come into the business while the old ones never stop developing.
  • complicated pricing

    complicated pricing

    The stock photography market is notorious for its tangled pricing. Microstock agencies offer different approaches: multilevel subscription packs, on demand downloads and varied credit packs. The final price also depends on license terms and conditions. The customer may have a lot of trouble comparing all these offers and choosing the right and the best one.
  • It takes 30 minutes to find a good image

    Our research* shows that it takes 30 minutes to find a good image. Which is unforgivable in 2017. Enormously exuberant choices (Shutterstock alone offers 100 mln images) and weak searches are a recipe for disaster from a customer service point of view. The “search” is obviously broken in this market.
    * According to the results of a number of in-depth interviews with designers, content managers and bloggers from the USA, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.
2000 2017

Outdated content vs new uploads

Search results include both fresh images and images that sell well. Actually, these two categories compete with each other. The amount of new photos is terrific (about 1.000,000 monthly uploads), the pace is so intense that worthy new images simply cannot make it against old ones.

Old images have accumulated enough data and won high ranking a long time ago. So, eventually we have a situation when old images are displayed more often than new ones on the first search page. It really annoys.

  • My older images still sell on the Shutterstock, but newer one die there.
    Martha Marks,
    Stock photography contributor
  • Stock trash gets on my nerves. Unfortunately, "no outdated photos" filter is not available.
    Diana Tamarova,
    Graphic designer
We created Everypixel to make image search process handy.

How does our artificial
intelligence filter work

  • machine learning

    machine learning

    You can't curate hundreds of millions of images manually. That’s why we decided to apply machine learning. The task of Everypixel’s artificial mind is to determine the aesthetic quality of an image and its commercial (selling) potential. We asked designers, editors and experienced stock photographers to help us generate a training dataset. After analyzing 956,794 positive and negative patterns, the neural network learned to estimate the probability, whether the image is relevant, and its quality is high. Later on, we added this mechanism to our search algorithm as one of the ranking factors.
  • less is more

    less is more

    For years, the size of the portfolio was the main competitive indicator among the image agencies. However, this trend is not relevant any more. The world’s stock image heritage resembles an iceberg and the real value is only in its tip. There is a huge mass of ghost stock images no one needs and no one ever will. Long tail theory doesn't really work for stock images. What we need is to spot that very tip with valuable content. Less is more.
  • 50+ collections of the world’s
    leading stock image agencies
  • 221 837 082 stock
  • 1 576 921free

Ask us about:

  • image search machine learning,
    and computer vision

    Our developers create awesome things based on deep learning technology in search engine optimization and pattern recognition. We follow tech innovations and implement them, if they allow us to make Everypixel better.
  • stock image market

    We know how the stock image market works in the eyes of both the contributor and the seller. Everypixel was created as a side project by PressFoto Group: a company that has specialized in stock image production and distribution since 2006.
  • Everypixel

    We love talking about Everypixel. We hope that after reading our story you would also like to share it.
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Right-click an image on the web and copy the image’s URL. Return to the search box and paste in the URL (Ctrl+V or Command+V).